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This website is all about the new WalkTC line of TreadClimbers from Bowflex. Our goal is to provide you with the best and most useful information about these unique home exercise machines. As TreadClimber owners we know from experience that these machines provide some of the most effective fat-burning cardio workouts you can get at home!

Some of the things you’ll find on this site include:

– Useful tips and tricks to get the most out of your TreadClimber
– Deals, discounts, and coupons to help you save money
– Buying guides and online shopping tips
– Insightful reviews from real customers and TreadClimber users
– Up-to-date news, press releases from Nautilus, and other fresh info
– High-quality WalkTC videos
– Much more!

Smiling woman working out on a TreadClimber exercise machineWe want to make this site as useful as possible, so please leave your own questions, comments, suggestions, and other feedback while you’re here. Also, if you’ve used the new WalkTC TreadClimber machines yourself please leave a review and/or opinion on the Reviews page.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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